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What does Vintique mean?


The word ‘Vintique’ was created to define ‘vintage’

antique and retro.goods. Lynne would define it as:

Savoring the present, and creating the future!

How do I place an order?


Orders can be made though email contact with lynne at Inform me the item you would like and I will ship it to you. .

What is the process for shipping?

Customers prepay shipping.  Furniture and large objects

in general, are not shipped.  We can provide local pick-

up arrangements.

​Secure ordering & payment options


After informing Lynne via email which product you would like, Lynne's Vintique accepts Paypal as well as Venmo for convenient payment. 

What is the policy for returns & refunds


Lynne’s Vintique only offers store credit for returned items.  There are no refunds.


Our Privacy Policy


Lynne's Vintique does not share mailing lists, or customer information with third parties.

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