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Updated: Jul 3

Wise Mouth Teas are a wise choice

Ancient Chinese healing drinks inspired the line of fragrant, hand-brewed teas that blend flowers and fruits

By Ann Trieger Kurland Globe Correspondent,Updated July 27, 2021, 2:00 p.m.

Selections of Wise Mouth Teas, a Boston-based company whose teas are inspired by ancient Chinese healing drinks

Ancient Chinese healing drinks inspired Wise Mouth Teas, a line of fragrant, hand-brewed teas that blend flowers and fruits. 

MThe teas come in 16-ounce bottles and you sip them cold. There are more than a dozen varieties with nuanced flavors amplified by sweet monk fruit, honey, or crystallized sugarcane — and all made with natural ingredients. One choice, Chrysanthemum Dragon Rose, includes chrysanthemum flowers and rose petals, lemon juice, and dragon fruit. Another, Happy Ginger Orange, has rose petals, fresh oranges and dried orange peel, and honey that soften the ginger. Long Life Fermented Ginger Pu-Erh combines energizing black pu-erh tea, Chinese dates, ginger, and orange peels. You might drink this tea as a wake-up beverage, a substitute for a morning coffee ($5 each). Lei Nichols founded the now Boston-based company five years ago. She grew up in Shan Zui, a mountain village in northern China, where she helped her grandmother forage for flowers, roots, leaves, and herbs and then sun-dried the plants to prepare medicinal remedies. “Teas were like medicine, not just a beverage, and my teas are from family recipes the way my grandmother made them,” she says. Nichols left home 25 years ago to move to Massachusetts and for 10 years taught Chinese at several high schools. The sugary and artificially flavored beverages she watched her students drink troubled her. This motivated Nichols to put her healthy teas into the marketplace. As for the company name, although it might sound brash, in Chinese, Nichols says, it translates to “wisely picking your food and drink, and wisely picking your words.” She says, “I think it’s a wonderful message.” 

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