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Lynne Robbins
Schedule a Reading

Lynne offers her services via email starting with one question for $10, including two additional follow up questions. She also offers tarot readings, 30 minute chat sessions. If you are interested in working with Lynne or asking a question, you can contact her at:  

About the Reader

Lynne worked as an educator until 2014, having her Masters in both Art and Special Education.  Five years ago she opened Lynne's Vintique, selling various antique relics. She has always had the gift of inner knowing and the focused discernment that goes beyond logic. In the early 1980's, she began to read for the Crystal  Ball on  AOL. 


She is aware of what may be beyond the apparent order of things. For the past forty years, when time permitted,  she used this talent to help people connect with Spirit.   


She works with the divination tools of tarot and scrying. Her goal is to provide kind, positive insights into client questions which may help enlighten their issues.  During the time she worked at the Crystal Ball, Lynne connected through email and online chat.

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