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Antique Mall at Echo Bridge

by Jerry Reilly | Mar 27, 2022 | Newton

I live just a block away from the waterfall at Upper Falls and the mill complex there that was built in the 1800’s. The actual mill inside is long gone and the buildings have long since been re-purposed for a variety of commercial tenants.

One end is largely filled with offices – chiropractor, my great dentist, and various small businesses, etc. The opposite end of the complex is home to Johnson Strings – a retail store that sells, repairs and rents all manners of stringed musical instruments.

In between is a little know quirky retail space – the Echo Bridge Antique Mall. Inside is a series of small, owner run little shops. I recently heard that a used record shop has recently opened in there so I thought I’d stop in and take a look.

Want List Records opened about 6 months ago and both buys and sells records and cassettes. Dave Belson and Brian Coleman sell both rare and collectible vinyl but also modestly priced just good records.

I long since got rid of my turntable but poking around in Want List made me realize how much I missed the large format album covers and album art. A little thumbnail on my computer screen just isn’t the same.

They are open Fri, Sat and Sunday and have a nicely curated collection of vinyl in many musical genres as well as a limited selection of new releases.

Another newer shop that open shortly after Covid first hit is Nina Rachele Decor.

Nina’s specialty is mid-century modern antiques. Nina says her approach is to rely on her eye rather than on price guides. She fills the store with items that she knows her customers will like rather than rarities or collectibles.

Right next door is Lynn’s Vintique. Lynne says “If you don’t know what you’re looking for… you’ll find it here!”

She sells vintage items and antiques, contemporary clothes, local honey, organic teas, and chocolates. I just picked up a pound of delicious Peruvian coffee at Lynne’s

Around the corner is Steve’s Antiques. Steve’s been there for many years. He sells all sorts of antiques but he specializes in silver items.

My good friend Scott Wilson buys and sells all sorts of antiques and collectibles. Whenever he has silver or gold items to sell, Steve is his go-to guy. Scott says that lots of folks buy silver and gold but there’s a fair amount of shady dealing. He swears by Steve because he’s both very knowledgeable and honest.

While you’re in the neighborhood, take a walk up the street to 977 Chestnut St to Brass Buff Antiques. Mel’s been running that shop since 1978 and he has more brass items of every conceivable kind packed to the rafters in his small shop. If you don’t see what you need there, Mel’s got a basement packed with even more.

He buys, sells, polished and repairs all brass items.

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