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Christine DeLory message on power

“Poverty exists not because we cannot feed the poor, but because we can’t satisfy the rich.” ~unknown

Greed is the inability to feel satisfied. In the old system, a person’s “worth” is based on their monetary wealth, creating the notion that the rich should “rule”. But the rules of fair competition have been abandoned, and relentlessly competing, WINNING – being #1 – is the main objective. This is what drives the constant destruction and endless wars that have always plagued the human species. This is the energy that exploits humanity and all of life on Earth, for more profit and more power.

Old programming prevents us from understanding the danger of technology in ill-meaning or incompetent hands. We have moved from the “greed is good” era to an age in which the tech kings and billionaires increasingly display their small-mindedness and incompetence to the world. Unqualified and extremely greedy people have turned themselves into “celebrities” by making others believe they are geniuses. And governments cheer them on and give them POWER over us, as they toy with technologies which could destroy everything.

Our delayed reaction to the dangers posed by this merging of government and industry is also a matter of old programming which turns our own emotions into weapons – to use against us. THAT is why emotional evolution is so essential now. Human emotions are the HUMAN WILL – and FREE WILL begins with the freedom to think and feel for ourselves. How else can we evolve into the unique individuals that we truly ARE?

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