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Honey, updates and more

Hi everyone,

I hope your fall is going well. The honey season started late this year due to the awkward weather we were experiencing in June/July. Both that and the fact the honey pre-orders I received were quite large this

year meant that fulfilling the orders went relatively late this year, but by now everyone's orders should have been fulfilled (if yours wasn't, please contact me). I do have some honey left which I'll likely bottle over the next couple of weeks. That makes this time rather unique for Tal's Honey CSA - it means you can actually order honey and get it right away (I realize it's an art every supermarket has long perfected, but the honey pre-orders m

ean that it's a rarity for me). If you want any additional honey, please use the link below to order it. I have both honey and honeycomb available (both at limited quantities, will be fulfilled first-come first-served).

The hives are all ready for winter by now. I discontinued the syrup feeding (as not to introduce excess humidity), they all seem to have sufficient honey reserves, the hives are wrapped and bottom boards covered for insulation, and mouseguards were fit over the hives' entrances to keep rodents away. The big unknowns, as every year, are whether there are any dise

ases lurking and how cold or wet will the winter be. Having said that, there's very little a beekeeper can do; now we wait and see until around March. If you want to read a bit about hive maintenance, you can read a short piece written by my son, Tom.

Thank you for your ongoing support!


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