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I Love Connecting the Dots!

Here’s a small, beat up , shelf worn,

un-noticed, circa 1920 (and in the Vintique book space for 2 forever years) kids story book with truly imaginative, comical illustrations

of animals!

These pages still amaze with pops of vibrant color.

The Rummy Book, by an animal rights activist,

British painter and illustrator

Lawson Woods. (1878-1957)

Is a Hiding in Plain Sight FIND

I just happened to connect the dots between the last name ‘woods’ on

The two pieces

My favorite illustration by Woods

hands down are his Grandpop Ginger Ape characters-I found one, framed and got it up in the shop.

Yep, Today, I made the connection between the Lawson Wood of the Rummy Book and this Grandpop artwork. Oh joy! Joy!joy! I love connecting the dots!

For information on the artist check the Lawson Wood bio here

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