Olive Oil Biscuits

Updated: Nov 5

Enjoy this delicious olive oil biscuits with Ramon Franco's canned mussels.

Recipe by Colleen Suhanosky Rifrullo Cafe. Brookline, MA.

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- 1⁄2 cup all propose flour

- 1⁄2 cup whole wheat flour

- 1t salt

- 1⁄2 t baking powder

- 1⁄2 t ground fennel seed or rosemary

- 1⁄2 black pepper or a few good grinds

- 2T sugar

- 1⁄4 cup olive oil

- 1⁄4 red or white wine


1. Whisk together dry ingredients into a large bowl.

2. Combine oil and wine, stir into dry ingredients

until wet dough forms.

3. Roll out between two sheets of parchment. Take care to roll as evenly as possible.

4. Lay into a half sheet pan lifting off the top piece parchment and sprinkle lightly with sea salt.

5. Cut into diamond shape with pizza cutter.

6. Bake 300 degrees 10 minutes or until golden brown around edges and fragrant.


Dearest Lynne, The olive oil is delicious - such a hearty taste, with a beautiful bitterness and a viscosity that allows the taste to linger and be cherished. I tried it this late morning with beautiful lettuce leaves (Jessy discovered a company called Gotham Greens and we have been enjoying their lettuce mixes). Olive oil is on my beneficial list of foods I need to eat for inflammation control and with me not having a sweet tooth at all, this olive oil tastes even more magnificent. Thank you so much for this recommendation - just superb.

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